E D M O N T O N [ D A Y 1 ]

December 7, 2013 4:17AM

I headed my way to Lethbridge Greyhound Bus Depot, haven’t got enough sleep yet and been awake that time for 20 hours already. I was supposed to take the 4:30AM bus heading to Calgary which will be my layover  before I reach my final destination.  It was intensely freezing outside where any minutes I can feel something on my feet and hands. The depot waiting area was closed because they don’t open it with that time of the day. So for me to warm up while waiting I was just inside the cab until my cab driver needs to go for a time call. Then, he saw these 2 guys who approached us and asked if they are waiting for the bus, then one guy said YES. Stewart, my cab driver asked them if I can warm up inside which they were fine. They seem to be nice guys even though I can’t barely understand what they are talking since they were Bangladesh Nationals. 5, 10, 15 minutes passed no traces of Bus coming in so they decided to head their way to Calgary. Although they seemed to be okay but I won’t risk myself to join them on their way to Calgary.

Went out of their car and waited outside for a cab. I decided to go back to the hotel where I work since it was close to that place and waiting for an hour or two will be fine for me and will just try my self not to sleep for now. Frustrated and feeling so cold I arrived at the hotel. Got some refuge for warmth and some comfy seats to relax. I checked Greyhound’s website for the next trip and it was set for 8:30AM and the depot opens at 7:30AM. I had some chance to take some nap and relax for a while though.Image

I arrived at Lethbridge Greyhound Bus Depot and rebooked my ticket; I got into the 8:30AM trip to Calgary. Past 11AM I reached Calgary Greyhound Bus Depot with an hour layover before the 1PM trip to Edmonton. While I was there in Calgary I tried asking the Information desk why the bus didn’t show up on that schedule. The staff said that it actually showed up but late. I was a bit disappointed for this ticket started as mess already for who in the world will choose an expensive bus ticket where I tried to switch to cancel I can’t because it was non refundable.  But anyways, that lady gave me a number to call to complain. ( I didn’t bother to call until this time)
Time to leave Calgary and it will be another 3-4 hours bus ride. All throughout the trip I was sleep-awake. I was trying to catch up some energy for being up for a long time. The roads were not that bad and it was a smooth travel.
Although I am already out of my planned itinerary but still I was happy and blessed that I arrived safe in Edmonton at 3:30PM.
Their Bus Depot was not that big compared to the one in Calgary but it was clean and not so much of passengers that time. I waited outside for a cab that will take me to my hotel, The Holiday Inn Express and Suites Downtown. From the bus depot to the hotel it was just $6.00 fare, not bad though. It looks near but because of intense cold temperature outside I can’t courageously walk on the street.
Checked in at the hotel and greeted by some Filipino staffs .I’ve been to different IHG Brand Hotels here in Alberta and in Montana but they are the first one who welcomed me with a treat as part of the IHG Rewards Club.
Although I requested to be in the top floor they assigned me in the 5th floor since there will be a Christmas Party on the top floor and they blocked it off so that nobody will be disturbed. My Room is a standard king room with a balcony that faces the main drag of downtown. It also another option if you want to be in their other side of the building which faces the majestic Saskatchewan River.
Rested for a while, took a shower and prepared for my photo walk to downtown Edmonton.Image
Stopped by at for dinner along the way at Wok Box in Jasper Avenue. It was a decent Asian Resto fit for busy people working in the Downtown Core.
I had listed a lot of places to visit but due to the poor weather condition and I got caught into a pouring snow I decided to head back to the hotel and sleep and get ready for another action the next day. I managed to take photos of these lovely landmarks.
                                                                                         Edmonton City Hall
                                                                                 Winston Churchill Square
On that night I have to warm up in one building then cross the street and warm up again then cross. I had three coffee in less than 2 hours that time where all coffee shops were full. As much as I would love to go to the Legislature and Alberta Art Museum and etc. but I can’t take it anymore.
Day 1 of my Edmonton Trip was a bit tiring but I was so awed and amazed how well planned their downtown core is. The scenic view when you enter Greater Edmonton Area is so picturesque. Too Bad I didn’t managed to have one to show you guys:(

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