Spring | Summer Fashion Shoot Project

By: Migoh|Photography|Designs


Every season of the year, As much as possible I make it sure I challenge my self to a fashion themed photo shoot. Applying all the things I learned after all the tutorials, workshops attended and forums read in the web and also showcasing people by posing in front of my camera. I try to be as unique as possible coming up to different concepts and theme.

For this upcoming Spring and Summer Season I am planning for a big project trying to connect with emerging local designers, artists, stylists, hair and make-up artists and models and some local clothing stores/botiques. It may be non profit or with just a small budget production but it will for sure benfit each one of us as I present their collections or products as well as their works through styling the models. It as porfotlio driven project and will be featured in my blog site and Facebook page a behind the scene will also be produced.

As of right now I already have different concepts in mind which always excites me everytime I go to bed a lot of things come into my mind, so OI have come up with a inspiration project board where I post whatever I think is cool for the project.


I may be busy at work and different stuff I will try my best to realize this project. At this time a tentative date is already set with three different location prospects Lethbridge,Calgary and the Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. I already have one who voluntered to showcase her accessory line which is home grown product of the Philippines. Some models are being listed in the line up as well.

I will keep you all posted about the development of this project and if ever this will be realized I will be more than proud to share this with everyone of you. I don’t know why I have been so in love with the fashion world right now? I just can’t explain it….#ciao

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