MigohTravels this Summer 2014

Ever since I was still a child I have been dreaming of travelling the whole world especially touring all the 50 States of the United States of America. When we got our US tourist Visa last year I was so happy and excited for I am closer to fullfilling my childhood dream. I’ve been to Great Falls, Montana, Chicago, Illinois and this summer a big trip is awaiting for me…


city-los-angeles-luxury copy
City of Lost Angels
anaheim-suites-disneyland-top copy
Happiest Place on Earth
The Sin City
san-francisco copy
The Golden State

A California-Nevada trip on my own and exploring the beauty of the other side of North America is in store for me this summer. I have decided to go on this trip alone as a “me” time for me. I usually love travelling on my own when I was still in the Philippines and I have doing that lately here too, challenging myself to my limits. I am so happy to have friends all over the state of America that I am excited to meet on my trip and some of them are too kind to offer their place where I can stay. I will be doing a lot of travel/street/architecture/landscape photography and I will be producing a film or video for this trip to which the title is still out there to be found.

It has been so hard coming up for when is the right time for me to go, and after all the planning and researching I have decided to go there on July and I get to celebrate the 4th of July. I will be taking 2 weeks holiday off from work. It is a reward for myself after working so hard for the last almost 2 years this June in Canada.


Anyways, I already had all my plane tickets booked. At first I decided of taking bus or train to Anaheim from LA and back and forth and from LA to Las Vegas but I was a bit unsure that’s why I decided to just fly. Right now, I am trying to pay all my tickets and next on the list are my hotels and tickets to some leisure parks or tours.

Life is too short, sometimes we need to explore what the world has to offer. We work hard and we should also learn to travel and party harder.Travelling gives me just a different eye opener and gives me a lot of experience and knowledge and especially going on my own I get to know more of myself. And isn’t it nice as well to share this story of mine to all my followers out there?

As of writing this blog 153 more days to go before my trip. I am continuing my research of things to do and also saving up a lot of money for this trip.  I hope you keep posted everyone and all the best!#ciao

P.S. I dont own some of those photos out there I just got it from google.com. Credits to those who owns the photos.

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