The EyeCatcher: Vancouver Edition [PART1]

_MG_1812-2 copy

As a traveller, blogger, photographer and fashion enthusiast I always get amazed by people with interesting looks, personality and amazing attitude. It  always makes my eyes twinkle everytime I see those kind of people. I have been doing different fields of photography but I find street photography interesting and challenging to do because you will need to ask people permission to have their photo taken or do the sneakiest shot as possible. I am so inspired by the Humans of New York that is why I had my previous project The Lethbridge Fashion Police which was posted on my Facebook Page with the link below:

As a fashion enthusiast I always love to see people who has great taste of style. As I go along with my life and…

Posted by Migoh Photography Designs by Gian Carlo Z. Abellana on Sunday, January 26, 2014

which some kindda have the same theme as this project but it eveolved and the difference is that it doesn’t only feature the fashion side of people but everyone, whatever his or her color, age, gender and nationality as long as they catch my eyes and attention,the people that I meet on the streets, parks, train, busses, malls, offices, etc. they are the lead star of this project.

My previous trip to Vancouver last weekend lead to the birth of this project- The EyeCatcher with it’s launching feature Vancouver Edition.

It was just so unbelievable and random that I had the guts to ask strangers if I can take a photo of them. As far as I can remeber there were only 2 or 3 declines and boom! The rest was just history for me. Eventhough it was hard for some people don’t speak or understand English or others are in a hurry but I pulled it off.

I would also like to special mention the following cool people namely:

Leslie Ian Ramos, for letting me use his Canon Mark 7D all throughout the trip and made me think of switching from being a Nikon die hard to Canon. You also taught me stuff how to improve my craft. Chiqui Gabaga Ramos, it was so dope that you drove almost 14 hours and without having me switch to drive from Calgary to Vancouver, you are a good person and stay the same. You both, are the best couple ever. I am so happy that you invited me to your road trip and letting me experience how wonderful life is by goin on trips with friends. To Christian Vincent Zayco, it was so nice to meet you and make friends with you. Your stories are amazing and funny, you were a great tour guide and thank you very much for spending your time with us and showing us your beautiful City.  Those people supported me all the way in doing this project and I will forever treasure it. Hats off to you guys and all the best! And to God Almighty for sharing me this wonderful eye of photography and guiding me all the time in all my travels.To my Family thank you for your support as well and trusting me.

I hope this project will grow bigger and bigger. And soon I will be able to go all around the world for its future editions.

Ladies and Gentleman, I proudly present The EyeCatcher Vancouver Edition Part1.

_MG_1568 _MG_1570 _MG_1574 _MG_1575 _MG_1581

_MG_1648 _MG_1635 _MG_1633 _MG_1629 _MG_1613_MG_1649_MG_1651_MG_1652_MG_1653_MG_1655_MG_1657_MG_1662_MG_1663-2_MG_1673_MG_1676_MG_1682_MG_1685_MG_1687_MG_1689_MG_1693_MG_1695_MG_1700_MG_1701_MG_1703_MG_1704_MG_1707_MG_1709_MG_1710_MG_1782_MG_1801_MG_1830_MG_1878_MG_1881_MG_1894_MG_1897_MG_1898_MG_1910_MG_1921_MG_1922_MG_1561


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