Chasing The Sun in Vancouver Day 2

Slept late but up early and everyone is getting ready to conquer what Vancouver has to offer for us. The group decided to leave the car at the hotel and take public transportation. Our Hotel is actually a great location few minutes away from the airport and just few minutes away from Downtown Vancouver, you can just take 1 bus ride to Downtown from our hotel.

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We first stopped for coffee at Pender Street Starbucks which is just in the heart of Downtown and got a mug to be added for my collection.

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Amazing Architecture in Downton Vancouver
Vancouver Lookout

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Home of the Vancouver Convention Centre, The Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver’s World Trade Centre, and FlyOver Canada.
We were so lucky that we were in Vancouver the same day when the 2014 Fan Expo was held, we saw a lot of colorful costumes of super heroes and famous icon/characters strolling around Canada Place.(Photos of random people wearing their costumes are featured in The EyeCatcher- Vancouver Edition Part 1) The atmosphere was so festive people, walking around showcasing their lovely costumes and props. When we were checking out Canada Place it started to rain.
Five Sails- A Canadian Icon, which is a  noticeable exterior design of the Canada Place complex is similar to the Opera House of Sydney, Australia. At night the the famous sails are well lighted with colourful lights, and it is also where people flock to witness every July of the year the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world- Celebration of Light.
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After staying at Canada Place we headed out to walk to Stanley Park even if it was raining. Along the way, we get to see those fancy condominiums/hotels and skyscrapers.
A district of upscale high-rise condominiums and hotels, shops and restaurants.
We stopped by at Coal Harbour for Lunch and I so love the place where you have a fantastic view of the sail boats that are docked along the bay. There are a lot of restaurants and shops too in that strip, I can imagine on summer time how people sit down enjoy their coffee or any cold drinks while watching the view and embracing the heat of the sun.
_MG_1770 _MG_1784
Time to continue the walking to Stanley Park but it was really raining so bad, but since we were already there we decided to move along and enjoy the rain and have fun.
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A public park in Vancouver with lush green trees and colorful flowers surrounded by waters of the Pacific Ocean.
We actually reached Stanley Park after a very long walk, the plan was to go to the Vancouver Aquarium but sad to say they are already closed for the day.
            Glimpse of Stanley Park
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Because everyone’s tired, we decided to go back to the hotel and get dry and continue later that night.

We took the bus and had a stop to Metropolis at Metrotown, a shopping complex in Burnaby, BC. We went inside and had time to shop around.

Metropolis at Metrotown
The night is getting late we decided to go back to the hotel but we missed the last bus trip, we then headed to take the SkyTrain- a light rapid transit system in greater Vancouver and had two transfer and took the bus back to the hotel. After a long and tiring but fun day we are finally back to the hotel and we can get dry and rest.

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