Pampered Like a Star

It was October of 2013 when I met this stunning Filipina in a Calgary Fashion Event, where I was taking photos of the runway and people who graced the event.


We may have met only once but we continued to become friends on Facebook and I followed her page MILIANO Skin & Body Care Official where I get to see updates on what’s on the loop on her career and business.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.38.30 PM copy

Last weekend I was so surprised as I got a personal message from her inviting me to a complimentary skin/facial treatment in her clinic/center in Calgary and it was also a good time as I will be going there on that weekend. I was actually speechless for a while when I read her message as and took me seconds to reply. Who would have thought having something for free at this time right? Especially that place is known for having some Filipino Celebrities stop over everytime they have shows in Calgary so I didn’t hesitate and said YES!

The following day I headed to Miliano Skin & Body Care, it is situiated in the Retail & Entertainment District of the City of Calgary- 17th Avenue Sothwest, Suite 205 of building 1711.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.51.06 PM copyI was welcomed by Ate Mill/Mil and showed me her place, I so loved the interior of the place so elegant,classy and homie.


She also started to ask me to fill up information sheet and waiver form so that we can start the treatment. It was kinnda weird having facial treatment and signing a waiver, it is actually good but I can  just compare it back home where we can just walk in into a spa or facial center and have the treatment without it. And by the way, I haven’t had any facial service/treatment for years, as far as I can remember I had it when I was still in the Philippines when I was still working in Cebu but not regularly.

After all forms were signed, she then explained to me what to expect for that session and we headed to that one spot in the clinic/center where she assessed all my skin quality with a use of a high technology device. I was so fascinated to that as it captured my face and analyzed a lot of things which was explained to me thoroughly by ATe Mill/Mil.


After all the assesment process, we headed to the consultation/touch up room for some serious talks, I got some advices from Ate Mill/Mil for some regimen on how to take care of my face too look young and fresh. And setting up goal as to what I want to be or how I wanted to look in the next few months and years.


And so the treatment started, I had Microdermabrasion or so called Diamond Peel done, a 30-35 minutes procedure. It was totally relaxing which made me fall asleep for a while. That was my first time to undergo the procedure and it wasn’t scary at all, promise!


I had an awesome time meeting Ate Mill/Mil again and it was a great pleasure to experience the service that she is offering in her clinic/center. And I will definetely coming back and will follow all her advices for me to look young and fresh especially for my job that I get to see and meet people everyday.

1513774_10205747399872199_8221459345824367685_nScreen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.26.04 PM copy

It makes me feel proud everytime I see Filipinos soaring high in Canada and other countries, especially those who are kind, down to earth and humble who doesn’t think about fame and all the riches they have. I like those people who share their experiences and inspire others to live their dreams as well as to become established into whatever field they wanted and Ate  Mill/Mill or Millicent Garma-Cotoner is one of them. Hat’s off to her for reaching it this far.

For more information of MILIANO Skin & Body Care you can LIKE their Official Facebook Page or visit their website or call them at 587-349-0499.

If you guys, haven’t decided for a good gift to your special somone this holiday season why not book them an appointment for a facial care treatment?

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