Condom Couture Fashion Show

HIV/AIDS is one big health dilemma that the whole world is facing for years. According to Public Health Agency of Canada the number of people living with HIV (including AIDS) in the country continues to rise, from an estimated 64,000 in 2008 to 71,300 in 2011 (an 11.4% increase). World Health Organization (WHO) defined HIV as “a retrovirus that infects cells of the immune system, destroying or impairing their function. As the infection progresses, the immune system becomes weaker, and the person becomes more susceptible to infections. The most advanced stage of HIV infection is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). It can take 10-15 years for an HIV-infected person to develop AIDS; antiretroviral drugs can slow down the process even further”. As scientists are still trying to research and continue discovering any cure for HIV/AIDS, there are also concerned people all around the globe who continue to educate people on how to prevent acquiring the disease and giving out support to those who are affected from the stigma that they are facing every single day. And as evidence to this, on a freezing Friday night last November 28, 2014 the Lethbridge HIV Connection (LHC) in partnership with Lethbridge Pride Fest and Lethbridge College presented the first Condom Couture Fashion Show at CASA. It is an event not only of food, drinks, friends and fashion but also a celebration of awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Here are some snaps from that event: DSC_2521W DSC_2522W DSC_2527W DSC_2532W DSC_2534W DSC_2543W DSC_2551W DSC_2560W DSC_2569W DSC_2573W DSC_2586W DSC_2598W DSC_2608W DSC_2610W DSC_2615W DSC_2618W DSC_2622W DSC_2624W DSC_2678W DSC_2684 DSC_2692 DSC_2699 DSC_2701 DSC_2738W DSC_2765W DSC_2769 DSC_2777 DSC_2792 DSC_2813 DSC_2834 DSC_2850 DSC_2869 DSC_2874 DSC_2877 DSC_2879

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