Flyin’ Hawaiian

In a small city like Lethbridge, who would have thought that there exist a rad food truck, who doesn’t just show up on Canada Day or any local fair or event but also on a typical day in the city? Me and my cousin, Kate went thrift/bargain shopping this afternoon at Value Village and viola this colorful food truck caught my attention. We went closer to it and talked to the owners and they were so friendly and entertaining. We tried their Pinacolada and shaved ice pink guava which was mouth watering, defenitely good for that sunny and warm winter afternoon. I will be more excited to hang out outside this coming summer holding and sipping my cold drink from Flyin’ Hawaiian food truck by  Hawaiian Treats.

Now this just gave me an idea of wishing that there should be even just a simple Filipino food truck in Lethbridge. Well, if given the budget and chance, why not I will invest with it. But for now, maybe it will just be a wishful thinking for me that would probably not gonna happen.

If you wanna check out where you can catch Flyin’ Hawaiian food truck like and follow them in Facebook and Twitter.

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