The Jasmine Room

Even if how busy life may get we must not forget to pause and unwind every once and a while. Life is too short to make oursleves stressed from work and life’s problem. Time with loved ones and friends can bring sunshine to our lives and having a good time is definetely a stress reliever.

I have been a lover of interesting businesses/establishments here in Lethbridge. I continue to hunt places that I can feature in this blog  and I personally support those local businesses that I find so interesting especially the people who runs them.

A couple of weeks ago after a long time of planning to go to this place we finally got a chance to visit the Jasmine Room since they always close so early everyday except on thursdays. Located in the Southside of Lethbridge a beautiful cabuncle structure will welcome you.


This place is a family owned business which started not a very long time ago. As you enter the store you will be welcomed by artsy home decors and fashion accessories and etc.

As you move on to the other half of the establishment you will be amazed into a classy yet homie tea house decorated with tea pots and tea cups on the walls and a variety of tea will be found on a big shelf.


Here are some of the snaps I took from our afternoon high tea.








It was a great experience to be able to try having an afternoon high tea, and going to places that are not the usual dining experience is really a must try for evryone of us especially living in a not so metroplotan city where there are no variety of restaurants and cafe or tea house.

Check The Jasmine Room out located at 1112 6 Avenue South, Lethbridge and make sure to book 24rs ahead for a high afternoon tea contact them at 403-394-9281 or check their website

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