Vegas Starts Here

The truth is, summer is totally over! And yes, we are again entering the bitterly cold Alberta fall and winter season, how’s that? Luckily, I got the chance to enjoy the remaining days of summer in the world’s ” Sin City”  and “The Greatest City of Entertainment” no other than Viva Las Vegas!


Couple of years ago I planned a great sojourn to the United States taking California-Nevada-Arizona route, but unexpected things happened, I have to quit my job and cancel the well planned and researched journey. Finally, that exciting trip came for me and I got a chance to experience that “Aha moment “as Vegas Virgin.

Well, let me share to you 7 Things I love About Vegas.


The moment I went out the airport I felt like I was back home in the Philippines where it feels so warm. Temperature can be over 100 (Fahrenheight)  in Vegas but it won’t feel that hot unless you are in direct sunlight. In the hot summer months the hotel pools and also restaurants typically have misters going to put some water in the air for those sunning at the pools dining in the patio and help keep them cool.  My advise for those planning to visit Vegas specially on summer time, please bring sun block and hydrate yourselves always as you enjoy the beautiful sunshine.



It is fascinating to see interesting people coming from different walks of life. Vegas, being a world destination you will see locals with warm welcome to their tourists. I never had any issue or experience of people being rude to me or to anyone else. You might encounter drunk people but oh well, there is no one to blame as they are in Vegas having the best days of their lives. Talented street performers and artists are found along the strip which makes it more appealing and exciting and don’t forget the hot guys and gals too. High regards to the local police as well as they are on post round the clock to maintain peace and order in the city.





Walking down Las Vegas Boulevard is like watching Fashion Weekend live, as a lover of fashion especially street style I always love walking in every places I travel to see how locals and tourist dress up. Here’s two my good secret outfit shots of people. And oh I didn’t get behind the scene as well as I made it for sure to take OOTD snap everyday. That’s why I don’t really travel light.



Food & Drinks
During this trip I would say we didn’t really eat out a lot, because we were too busy walking down the strip and hopping busses going to one place to another, it was more like an easy quick to go meal most of the times. Oh let me give this a shout-out! Drinks all the way! Oh yeah! I so love the fact that I can drink while walking and sun bathing in Vegas and nobody cares!How amazing is that? Anyway, See below images of food and restaurants that I visited.
Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House
Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House
Green Salad @ Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House
Grilled Pork Belly @ Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House
French Macaroons @ The Venetian
Lunch @ Boiling Crab
Ready to Attack @ Boiling Crab
High 5 to Heart Attack Grill for their unique concept
High 5 to Heart Attack Grill for their unique concept
Servers at Heart Attack Grill are dressed like nurses
I think this is the smallest burger that they serve @ Heart Attack Grill




If you don’t finish your food your nurse will for sure give u a big spank on your bum!
A Las Vegas trip won’t be complete for a Filipino living in Canada without paying a visit to our all time favourite- Jollibee!
Maybe if I had some interest in gambling I would definitely experience so much of Vegas thrill but I am not a fan of it. But anyway, I had a chance of getting inside the Casinos of different hotels and oh man, people start playing early in the morning till morning the next day I think. There is always action going on in Vegas, aside from the street performances to street vendors and agents to pool parties and club events, to entertainment and acrobatic shows, to drunk people walking zigzag on the strip, to ambulance and police sirens , to every argument and couple fights on the street, to shopping spree experience, name it Vegas has it!
The next time I come back to Vegas I would love to try helicopter ride, bungee jump at Stratosphere, Rollercoaster ride at New Your New York and be on the track at speeds of up to 155 MPH at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Even if I haven’t been to Vegas before and just reading things all about the City on magazines and travel guides and seeing images on the internet, I have been already amazed how lovely the Vegas skyline looks like, with all the fantastic architecture and urban planning of the strip makes me wonder how fun to be in that place all the time seeing all the bright lights and the towering buildings. By far, this is one of my favorite city and I am looking forward on my next trip to Vegas, the strip also reminds me a lot of a bigger and grander version of IT Park in Cebu, Philippines.
I would say going to Vegas is like travelling the world in few days, where you get to experience different views and attaraction that each hotels are offering. The city has a very welcoming and party vibe where the word sleep don’t exist. It’s all about, fun, friends and experience that everyone should treasure when they visit this city and maybe sin a little.

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