Lethbridge Fashion Weekend

And so I say, that was an awesome weekend!

Last Friday, I was able to witness the creative collections of six amazing local designers namely: Ms. Donell Kollias, Ms. Jena Murray, Ms. Shelly Court Kanyo, Ms. Auston Young,   Ms. Stephanie Hogan and Ms. Cassie Dee at Lethbridge Fashion Weekend. It was indeed an event filled with glamour, style and oozing artistry.I didn’t actually expect that event to be that big, but I was wrong!totally wrong! Although I know there are a few of hidden fashion personalities in the city, But I was still in awe to see a bunch of them during that night. It makes me feel ecstatic to know that local fashion scene in Lethbridge is alive and growing.

I hope Lethbridge Fashion Weekend will flourish even bigger in the years to come, hats off to Ms. Shelly Court Kanyo for organizing the show and for giving me Press Access and permission to  personally blog the event.

I hope you guys enjoy this video highlight I created.

“Manenay Look” at LFW


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