A L F O R N O / B A K E R Y & C A F E

Every time I travel for work or leisure I always go check out hashtags of the cities or places I visit to see what’s new to explore and experience.

I am in Calgary, Alberta this week and I had a chance to visit the newly opened Alforno Bakery & Cafe situated in Eau Claire. This place offers a hip,classy,modern interior atmosphere with a wide variety of freshly baked, house-made pastries & bread.


After a very long hard day of work it will be a good idea to chill out, unwind and grab yourself a good treat and this is th place to be.


Alforno also feature a variety of artisan wine, beer & spirits that have been curated from their Teatro cellars.


If you’re a local and haven’t been to this place then you better take your time to check this out,if you’re a tourist or shall I say visitor like me then head out to Alforno and have that amazing dining experience.

By: @migohlifestyle




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