Life is full of stress & pressure, and if we think it’s too much to handle we need to take a break, breathe in positive vibes and breathe out the negatives.

Last weekend I went to Vancouver, British Columbia and took a breather for myself, a trip with nothing in planned, just going with the flow wherever my feet and tummy leads me. It’s my third time in this vibrant city, and to tell you honestly this is one of my favorite city in Canada. Every time I visit VanCity there are so many things new and the city itself has a lot to offer not just for travellers but also to artists like me who needed much immersion and inspiration as I think this city has a lively vibe for the music,arts and fashion which leads to another reason I went there. Yes, I needed so much inspiration and clear mind to think for an upcoming collaboration photography and blogging project with a friend of mine and yes, I was successful enough to come up with ideas and have a relaxed mind and ready to face another battle.

Anyways, here are some snaps that I would like to share from my short trip to Vancouver.


OOTD Accessories


Granville Island



Vancouver Cherry Blossoms


Rainbow Pedestrian Lane in Davie Street


Granville Street @ Night
Gastown @ Night

People Watching over Coffee or Tea

Tea @ Blenz Coffee
Capuccino @ Smart Mouth Cafe


This epic airport selfie while waiting for my flight back home, I was disoriented with time and I was on last call,almost missed my flight.




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