j’aime quebec


I kicked off my East Coast Adventure to Quebec City one of North America’s French speaking city with nearly 95% of the residents are native French speakers and where French culture thrives. The city has long and rich history, colorful culture, interesting language, amazing architecture and friendly, classy and fashionable people.

Check out these places I visited during my trip.

I would really suggest taking this hop on hop off bus tour for $41.00 good for one day to see the best of what Quebec City has to offer.


Every trip to Quebec City should begin with a walk around the Old Quebec, which has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and where you can see picturesque narrow cobblestone streets intricate architecture up to four centuries old.



Château Frontenac

Situated in the heart of Old Québec, this urban resort provides a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River and the architecture of the old fortified city. It was built by Canadian Pacific beginning in 1892, and designed by architect Bruce Price.


Saint Lawrence River

Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec

The primatial church of Canada and the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec, the oldest in the Americas north of the Spanish colonies in Florida and New Mexico.


Quebec Street Performers

Quebec City celebrates its local talents. Don’t miss the street performers in any street, parks or place and don’t forget to give iut tip at the end of their performances.



I was so lucky that I was in the city for two of their festivals.

BBQ Fest 2016


Faubourg Saint-Jean en Fête


The Parliament Building

Home of the Parliament in the Province of Quebec.


Rue Saint-Paul

Montreal’s oldest street and was named after Montreal’s first governor, Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve. This street has wide array of antique, local shops and restaurants paved with cobblestones in many parts and stacked with buildings whose exteriors have been around for hundreds of years.

Petit Champlain

Still part of Old Quebec but on the lower part of it. It is the oldest commercial district in North America. Named after Samuel de Champlain, commercial district who founded Quebec City in 1608. This is the one of the picturesque pedestrian  streets in the world.

It hs been a great experience to be in Quebec City. It was like being in a different country as you get to feel strong French culture everywhere. It makes me also want to learn the language as I find it sound romantic and sexy, staying in Quebec for few days I have been in love with Francophone music as well even if I don’t understand the lyrics it is just sweet music to my ear. In this historic city I’ve noticed that life is more keep it easy feel and everyone dress so classy without even looking that they are trying hard to be fashionable and classy.

I will look forward to visiting you again soon Quebec and maybe I will come back and I’ll find the love of my life in the most romantic city in Canada!

By the way check out this awesome Airbnb place I stayed in Quebec.

Here’s a video a made for this entire stay in Quebec.



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