Talking about the metro life in Quebec? Oh well, that is for sure Montreal. The largest city in the province of Quebec with estimated more than 4.1 million in population where the French flare and vibe still exist.


After a 3-day stay in Quebec City my journey continued in the bustling City of Montreal.


Check out this amazing Airbnb accommodation I stayed during my Montreal trip.

IMG_6100IMG_6123It was my first time to take Via Rail and I was really excited about it, but unexpected things happen but good thing I always decide to be out in my accommodation 3-4 hours early before my departure and still have time to check-in and relax.

Here’s what happened. I called a cab that will bring me to Gare du Palais and taxi driver started driving me to the opposite direction. Due to language difference he did not understand me until I showed him a picture of the train station where I wanted to go and he still insisted that it was the same. I told him that the reason why I wanted to be there was because I want check out the place and take pictures but still he brought me to the other station and dropped me off. I called the dispatcher and explained what happened and looks like it ended up that they had miscommunication. The driver came back and picked me and brought me to Gare du Palais.


It was almost a 3.5-hour train ride to Montreal, there were some parts scenic but most of the times I was asleep as I was still catching up with rest and so maybe I missed some good parts of it.

When I arrived in Montreal, I was given instructions by my host on how to reach her place it was supposed to be a 10-15 minute trip but took me an hour as I took the wrong bus that brought me to the opposite direction and I have to stop and wait for a while for the other bus to drop me off to my accommodation.

Montreal just like Quebec has also preserved its old town with cobble stone streets and intricate baroque architecture. It is also characterized by the juxtaposition of the old and new.





Montreal is different from Quebec, where people are in a fast paced world catching up subway and buses to go to work or school. There are also a lot of people who knows how to speak English and some of them are even Bi lingual.

With a few major universities/colleges in the city they have become a great melting pot of students from all over the world and also immigrants that make the city more vibrant and diverse.

The city has a lot of interesting street art and art installation in the city. The city is also a lover of patios and bikes.



Music and Art as well as fashion is definitely alive. They might not have high demand of street fashion here as for me they are dress classy and elegant just like how it is in Quebec City; no doubt they are one of Canada’s Fashion Capital.

Definitely Montreal is such a lovely city that I myself is thinking of moving there as I am so in love now with French language as well as the French Canadian kind of life.

So if you are in Montreal check out these cool landmarks/ attractions that I would personally suggest and one piece of advice- take a hop on hop off city tour bus it will be very convenient and cheaper for you to take this which only cost $55.00 good for 2 days and if you pay it at the Torus it Information Centre they only accept Credit Card.











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