Ottawa in 12 Hours


It was my 3rd stop for my trip after Montreal and thinking of it being a city with only few attractions I decided to just stay in Ottawa just for a night. Unfortunately, unexpected things happened as my Airbnb host can’t let me check-in until 5PM that day and so I had 4 hours to kill and as much as I would love to go out and explore the city, but I can’t as I have a heavy huge backpack and few more carry on bags with me. And so I decided to just stay in the train station and edited some of my trip photos.

_MG_6438IMG_6294Ottawa doesn’t have direct train/ subway access that will bring you to downtown core, you have to take a bus which will take you 15-20 minutes depending on how traffic it is. The Airbnb place where I stayed was so convenient as it’s a few blocks away from the Parliament Hill and some other major attractions.

Here’s the place where I stayed in Ottawa, it’s a modern condo unit with beautifully decorated interior, comfy bed and cozy room with good air condition, just in time for the hot summer days.

IMG_6295IMG_6297The highlight in every trip to the country’s capital is of course seeing the Parliament Hill. They have guided tours that will bring you inside the Parliament Building, but I didn’t do it as it was already late.


It wasn’t also a good timing for me when I was there as they were setting up stage for Canada Day in front of the building so you do not really get a good wide angle shot of it.

_MG_6400Here’s a snap of the building where the Prime Minister works.


Here’s an overlooking view of Ottawa’s skyline from Nepean Point.

Nepean Point is a hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, overlooking the Ottawa River, Parliament, the Canadian Museum of History, and other features of downtown Ottawa and Gatineau.


At the peak of the hill is a statue of French explorer Samuel de Champlain holding his famous astrolabe upside down.


Here are some other snaps from my short visit in Ottawa.

“Maman” a bronze, stainless steel, and marble sculpture which depicts a spider by artist the Louise Bourgeois. 


Relax and find serenity at Rideau Canal.

Ottawa has an amazing neighborhood where you can find a wide variety of local restaurant, souvenir shops, food stalls, and also I’ve noticed that they have a lot of local stores in the area that sell different kinds of locally made foot wear which I did not controlled my self and bought a pair of sandals.

It was already late when I decided to look for a place for supper, some of the restaurants are already closed or about to close and with me being picky with food that will suit my appetite and mood I decided to stop at this Asian Resto. In all fairness they do have good food and a lot of food selection to choose from. They also have a cool ambience with amazing works of mural art.



It was definitely a short trip to Ottawa, but I think I was wrong thinking that there’s not a lot of thins to do in the City. I will definitely come back and explore more of its charm and unexpectedly cool yet serious vibe.







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