Love & Records

It was definitely a busy weekend for Lethbridge with loads of events going on everywhere. But this one event,  brought bunch people from all walks of life just for the love of music.


Love & Records is an annual event here in Lethbridge and is considered as Western Canada’s largest free outdoor record fair. This festival showcases local and national independent and emerging artists and bands to share their music and talent.


This year they had 16 performances which started from day till night. They also have free ferris wheel ride as well as variety of food trucks to choose from, beer garden and a living walls outdoor art gallery.


In every local event I go I always make sure to snap some photos of interesting and stylish locals.And man,honestly  I was amazed to see a ton of them last weekend. Which made me think, where have they been after all these years?


This event is like heaven for me seeing so many cool people, I hope they get better and better over the next few years to attract more people to come and visit our city and celebrate music. And for me to meet more stylish and interesting people too. This is just like thinking of a local Coachella feel.



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