Lethbridge Fashion Weekend

And yes, that time of the year again where talented local designers gather to showcase their creativity through style and fashion at Lethbridge Fashion Weekend.

It has been an honor to be invited again to blog this event. I personally enjoyed the experience especially backstage where you see all the intense and fun action.Hat’s off to all designers as well for a wonderful collection and to Shelly Court Kanyo for organizing this successful event.

Check out my photos at Migoh Lifestyle.

Without further adieu here’s my video highlights for this year’s Lethbridge Fashion Weekend- Fall Show. Enjoy!

Love & Records

It was definitely a busy weekend for Lethbridge with loads of events going on everywhere. But this one event,  brought bunch people from all walks of life just for the love of music.


Love & Records is an annual event here in Lethbridge and is considered as Western Canada’s largest free outdoor record fair. This festival showcases local and national independent and emerging artists and bands to share their music and talent.


This year they had 16 performances which started from day till night. They also have free ferris wheel ride as well as variety of food trucks to choose from, beer garden and a living walls outdoor art gallery.


In every local event I go I always make sure to snap some photos of interesting and stylish locals.And man,honestly  I was amazed to see a ton of them last weekend. Which made me think, where have they been after all these years?


This event is like heaven for me seeing so many cool people, I hope they get better and better over the next few years to attract more people to come and visit our city and celebrate music. And for me to meet more stylish and interesting people too. This is just like thinking of a local Coachella feel.



Ottawa in 12 Hours


It was my 3rd stop for my trip after Montreal and thinking of it being a city with only few attractions I decided to just stay in Ottawa just for a night. Unfortunately, unexpected things happened as my Airbnb host can’t let me check-in until 5PM that day and so I had 4 hours to kill and as much as I would love to go out and explore the city, but I can’t as I have a heavy huge backpack and few more carry on bags with me. And so I decided to just stay in the train station and edited some of my trip photos.

_MG_6438IMG_6294Ottawa doesn’t have direct train/ subway access that will bring you to downtown core, you have to take a bus which will take you 15-20 minutes depending on how traffic it is. The Airbnb place where I stayed was so convenient as it’s a few blocks away from the Parliament Hill and some other major attractions.

Here’s the place where I stayed in Ottawa, it’s a modern condo unit with beautifully decorated interior, comfy bed and cozy room with good air condition, just in time for the hot summer days.

IMG_6295IMG_6297The highlight in every trip to the country’s capital is of course seeing the Parliament Hill. They have guided tours that will bring you inside the Parliament Building, but I didn’t do it as it was already late.


It wasn’t also a good timing for me when I was there as they were setting up stage for Canada Day in front of the building so you do not really get a good wide angle shot of it.

_MG_6400Here’s a snap of the building where the Prime Minister works.


Here’s an overlooking view of Ottawa’s skyline from Nepean Point.

Nepean Point is a hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, overlooking the Ottawa River, Parliament, the Canadian Museum of History, and other features of downtown Ottawa and Gatineau.


At the peak of the hill is a statue of French explorer Samuel de Champlain holding his famous astrolabe upside down.


Here are some other snaps from my short visit in Ottawa.

“Maman” a bronze, stainless steel, and marble sculpture which depicts a spider by artist the Louise Bourgeois. 


Relax and find serenity at Rideau Canal.

Ottawa has an amazing neighborhood where you can find a wide variety of local restaurant, souvenir shops, food stalls, and also I’ve noticed that they have a lot of local stores in the area that sell different kinds of locally made foot wear which I did not controlled my self and bought a pair of sandals.

It was already late when I decided to look for a place for supper, some of the restaurants are already closed or about to close and with me being picky with food that will suit my appetite and mood I decided to stop at this Asian Resto. In all fairness they do have good food and a lot of food selection to choose from. They also have a cool ambience with amazing works of mural art.



It was definitely a short trip to Ottawa, but I think I was wrong thinking that there’s not a lot of thins to do in the City. I will definitely come back and explore more of its charm and unexpectedly cool yet serious vibe.








Talking about the metro life in Quebec? Oh well, that is for sure Montreal. The largest city in the province of Quebec with estimated more than 4.1 million in population where the French flare and vibe still exist.


After a 3-day stay in Quebec City my journey continued in the bustling City of Montreal.


Check out this amazing Airbnb accommodation I stayed during my Montreal trip.

IMG_6100IMG_6123It was my first time to take Via Rail and I was really excited about it, but unexpected things happen but good thing I always decide to be out in my accommodation 3-4 hours early before my departure and still have time to check-in and relax.

Here’s what happened. I called a cab that will bring me to Gare du Palais and taxi driver started driving me to the opposite direction. Due to language difference he did not understand me until I showed him a picture of the train station where I wanted to go and he still insisted that it was the same. I told him that the reason why I wanted to be there was because I want check out the place and take pictures but still he brought me to the other station and dropped me off. I called the dispatcher and explained what happened and looks like it ended up that they had miscommunication. The driver came back and picked me and brought me to Gare du Palais.


It was almost a 3.5-hour train ride to Montreal, there were some parts scenic but most of the times I was asleep as I was still catching up with rest and so maybe I missed some good parts of it.

When I arrived in Montreal, I was given instructions by my host on how to reach her place it was supposed to be a 10-15 minute trip but took me an hour as I took the wrong bus that brought me to the opposite direction and I have to stop and wait for a while for the other bus to drop me off to my accommodation.

Montreal just like Quebec has also preserved its old town with cobble stone streets and intricate baroque architecture. It is also characterized by the juxtaposition of the old and new.





Montreal is different from Quebec, where people are in a fast paced world catching up subway and buses to go to work or school. There are also a lot of people who knows how to speak English and some of them are even Bi lingual.

With a few major universities/colleges in the city they have become a great melting pot of students from all over the world and also immigrants that make the city more vibrant and diverse.

The city has a lot of interesting street art and art installation in the city. The city is also a lover of patios and bikes.



Music and Art as well as fashion is definitely alive. They might not have high demand of street fashion here as for me they are dress classy and elegant just like how it is in Quebec City; no doubt they are one of Canada’s Fashion Capital.

Definitely Montreal is such a lovely city that I myself is thinking of moving there as I am so in love now with French language as well as the French Canadian kind of life.

So if you are in Montreal check out these cool landmarks/ attractions that I would personally suggest and one piece of advice- take a hop on hop off city tour bus it will be very convenient and cheaper for you to take this which only cost $55.00 good for 2 days and if you pay it at the Torus it Information Centre they only accept Credit Card.











j’aime quebec


I kicked off my East Coast Adventure to Quebec City one of North America’s French speaking city with nearly 95% of the residents are native French speakers and where French culture thrives. The city has long and rich history, colorful culture, interesting language, amazing architecture and friendly, classy and fashionable people.

Check out these places I visited during my trip.

I would really suggest taking this hop on hop off bus tour for $41.00 good for one day to see the best of what Quebec City has to offer.


Every trip to Quebec City should begin with a walk around the Old Quebec, which has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and where you can see picturesque narrow cobblestone streets intricate architecture up to four centuries old.



Château Frontenac

Situated in the heart of Old Québec, this urban resort provides a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River and the architecture of the old fortified city. It was built by Canadian Pacific beginning in 1892, and designed by architect Bruce Price.


Saint Lawrence River

Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec

The primatial church of Canada and the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec, the oldest in the Americas north of the Spanish colonies in Florida and New Mexico.


Quebec Street Performers

Quebec City celebrates its local talents. Don’t miss the street performers in any street, parks or place and don’t forget to give iut tip at the end of their performances.



I was so lucky that I was in the city for two of their festivals.

BBQ Fest 2016


Faubourg Saint-Jean en Fête


The Parliament Building

Home of the Parliament in the Province of Quebec.


Rue Saint-Paul

Montreal’s oldest street and was named after Montreal’s first governor, Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve. This street has wide array of antique, local shops and restaurants paved with cobblestones in many parts and stacked with buildings whose exteriors have been around for hundreds of years.

Petit Champlain

Still part of Old Quebec but on the lower part of it. It is the oldest commercial district in North America. Named after Samuel de Champlain, commercial district who founded Quebec City in 1608. This is the one of the picturesque pedestrian  streets in the world.

It hs been a great experience to be in Quebec City. It was like being in a different country as you get to feel strong French culture everywhere. It makes me also want to learn the language as I find it sound romantic and sexy, staying in Quebec for few days I have been in love with Francophone music as well even if I don’t understand the lyrics it is just sweet music to my ear. In this historic city I’ve noticed that life is more keep it easy feel and everyone dress so classy without even looking that they are trying hard to be fashionable and classy.

I will look forward to visiting you again soon Quebec and maybe I will come back and I’ll find the love of my life in the most romantic city in Canada!

By the way check out this awesome Airbnb place I stayed in Quebec.

Here’s a video a made for this entire stay in Quebec.



Lost in Seattle

If it wasn’t because of flights to Venice, California went rocket high I wouldn’t be in Seattle for May Long Weekend this year.

It was my first time in Seattle and I was so excited for it, but that time I didn’t really had a chance to research on things to do or how my itinerary for that trip will be as I was too busy with work. It was also my second try with Airbnb accommodation which actually went amazing as I had an awesome host named Asher who was so accommodating and friendly and his place was clean and cozy even if I was just sleeping in a blow-up bed in his living room for 3 nights.


For me Seattle is such an amazing city, it offers a myriad of wonderful culture, vibrant art & music scene, interesting history, amazing attractions and how will I forget food? Of course, this bustling metro has different options of good food choices especially seafood.

This trip was planned to be a $150.00 trip challenge, (excluding flights and accommodation) but unfortunately it didn’t succeed as I spent $50.00 more. I find it so interesting to survive a four-day trip in Seattle without spending so much money. With that budget I was able to eat for the entire trip (nothing fancy, eat whenever I am hungry and drink whenever I am thirsty), go to different attractions and experience the beauty and charm of the city.

During the entire trip I took the train most of the times and walked all around the city my health monitor on my Iphone even said I had a total of 50,000 steps for that weekend. Seattle’s mode of transportation for me was so convenient as they have direct train access from the airport to downtown which fits any travellers who are on the go and on budget like me. The train stations are also pretty close to any local attractions, which made it so easy.


If you are planning to visit Seattle, here are some of my top picks to do, to see and visit.

Seattle Gum Wall
overlooking view of Seattle skyline from Kerry Park


Seattle Antiques Market
Space Needle


Pike’s Place Market


Seattle Great Wheel
First Starbucks



Argosy Harbour Cruise







Pike Place Chowder

Seattle Back Alley Snaps:


If given a chance, I will go back to Seattle and experience more what this city has to offer. That’s why I did not really go to all of the places I found interesting as obviously I did not really have enough time and budget but at least that gives me another reason too to come back.  I shall say Seattle, you are now my favorite city as you have this charm of a big city with a great vibe and local feel that I really like and also let’s be honest being in a coastal location you just remind me so much of home in the Philippines. Till we meet again Seattle!


Life is full of stress & pressure, and if we think it’s too much to handle we need to take a break, breathe in positive vibes and breathe out the negatives.

Last weekend I went to Vancouver, British Columbia and took a breather for myself, a trip with nothing in planned, just going with the flow wherever my feet and tummy leads me. It’s my third time in this vibrant city, and to tell you honestly this is one of my favorite city in Canada. Every time I visit VanCity there are so many things new and the city itself has a lot to offer not just for travellers but also to artists like me who needed much immersion and inspiration as I think this city has a lively vibe for the music,arts and fashion which leads to another reason I went there. Yes, I needed so much inspiration and clear mind to think for an upcoming collaboration photography and blogging project with a friend of mine and yes, I was successful enough to come up with ideas and have a relaxed mind and ready to face another battle.

Anyways, here are some snaps that I would like to share from my short trip to Vancouver.


OOTD Accessories


Granville Island



Vancouver Cherry Blossoms


Rainbow Pedestrian Lane in Davie Street


Granville Street @ Night
Gastown @ Night

People Watching over Coffee or Tea

Tea @ Blenz Coffee
Capuccino @ Smart Mouth Cafe


This epic airport selfie while waiting for my flight back home, I was disoriented with time and I was on last call,almost missed my flight.




A L F O R N O / B A K E R Y & C A F E

Every time I travel for work or leisure I always go check out hashtags of the cities or places I visit to see what’s new to explore and experience.

I am in Calgary, Alberta this week and I had a chance to visit the newly opened Alforno Bakery & Cafe situated in Eau Claire. This place offers a hip,classy,modern interior atmosphere with a wide variety of freshly baked, house-made pastries & bread.


After a very long hard day of work it will be a good idea to chill out, unwind and grab yourself a good treat and this is th place to be.


Alforno also feature a variety of artisan wine, beer & spirits that have been curated from their Teatro cellars.


If you’re a local and haven’t been to this place then you better take your time to check this out,if you’re a tourist or shall I say visitor like me then head out to Alforno and have that amazing dining experience.

By: @migohlifestyle




Break Free

Not even the windy weather can tame the wildest, wandering soul.

In Lethbridge, Alberta strong wind is part of our daily lives especially during fall and winter season. We get the strongest and harsh wind condition that you can barely imagine.

On a windy sunday morning, my cousin Kate and I went on a location hunting and found a couple of decent places to strike these fall streetstyle outfit I had for that day where I nailed that oversized pink sweater over tattered jeans and boots, accessorize by a paisley patterned scarf and leather cap and with an army green parka.






_MG_0038 copy

On my trip to Las Vegas last summer, I was able to go on a dream come true side trip to Arizona home of The Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon is one of the most astonishing natural wonders in the world. Situated in the state of Arizona, USA.

“It is one of the deepest gorges on Earth with an average depth of one mile (1.6km) and an average width of ten miles (16km). The canyon was carved over the past 6 million years by the action of the Colorado River as it drops over 2,200 feet (670m) along the 277-mile (446 km) length of the gorge.”

Source: http://www.adventurephototours.com

Our half day tour by Adventure Photo Tours which was led by an amazing and intelligent tour guide named Eli takes you from Las Vegas to the most popular area of the Grand Canyon where you can see the most picture-perfect viewpoints of all, where you can view the widest and deepest portions of the Grand Canyon. Before reaching the Grand Canyon South Rim we get a chance to stop at Hoover Dam, the Route 66 Museum, and Locomotive Park.

Enjoy these photos shot during our trip.

Hoover Dam (concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada)




Route 66 (one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System)



Grand Canyon South Rim